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on February 27, 2014

There are few things that frustrate me more than being lied to, but one of those things is when my friends and family are lied to.

I can’t stand it. I’m sure it has something to do with my sense of justice, but I’m also sure it’s related to my thirst for knowledge and my feeling that knowledge empowers people to make better decisions that improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

I believe that the people of Arizona and Governor Jan Brewer were lied to. Actually, I know it for a fact. The legislature of Arizona passed a bill regarding religious liberty, and somehow, somewhere, someone began to call it an anti-gay law. It’s not. I read it.  In fact, SB1062 is here, you can read it too. It doesn’t mention gay, lesbian, bisexual, sexual orientation, homosexual, or anything similar. It simply does what the federal government has done for years through similar legislation.  I can’t think of a single reason that it shouldn’t have passed, and it did pass, it passed the State House and the State Senate. Then, it was sent to Governor Jan Brewer for her signature, and all hell broke loose.

Liberal media outlets began reporting it was an anti-gay bill and the NFL threatened to find another location for the Super Bowl if Governor Brewer signed the bill and even Former-Governor Mitt Romney and Senator John McCain came out against the bill, though it wasn’t evident that either of them read it. Even a group of lawyers from the University of Virginia, a group that included folks who support same-sex marriage, sent a letter to Governor Brewer supporting the bill and emphasizing that much of the hoopla surrounding the bill was misinformation.

I’m convinced that only the devil is more capable of misinformation campaigns than the radical homosexual activist movement (“rham”).

Rham isn’t the group of gays and lesbians that simply want to be left alone to live their lives without persecution because of their sexual orientation; rather, rham is the group, like the ACLU, that actively seeks out and proud homosexuals, and awards them with a trip to NYC, if they’ll let the ACLU use them as plaintiffs to pursue litigation to overturn marriage laws and amendments. Rham is the group that fights laws that protect religious liberties and wants to force Christians to photograph, bake for, cater, host, and dj same-sex weddings. Rham is the group that, though freely admitting that sexuality is fluid, pursues legislation that prevents parents and children from seeking therapy that would help a child to identify as heterosexual. Rham is ruining my beloved country, saying sexual freedoms trump religious liberties (which, by the way, are protected in the First Amendment).

The people were lied to and both the media and politicians were complicit in the lies. This, this is why we have such an abhorrent culture of distrust. This is why people must become committed to educating themselves rather than relying on others to educate them. This is why the Arizona bill should’ve been signed into law.


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